About Us

Eastern Technology

· Eastern Technology Inc. is a leading company in the field of office Equipment Company was established in 2006 and is the authorized agent of the company Global Brother since 2012 as it is also the sole agent for the Japanese company Olympus in the field of digital cameras.

·   The company employs more than fifty employees in various fields

·    It’s one of the group of companies of Eastern Group

· And out at your side company is targeting expansion in all governorates of the Republic and to provide all the services and operating supplies and maintenance.

·   So we would like to make it clear that domestic consumer and small and medium enterprises represent the largest base of the users of information technology and from there, the role is very important in the technological demand so we are working with our partners on two levels, the first development is to increase the domestic consumers base and SMEs. The second level and increase the proportion of the use of this rule of Technology.



·   Brother offers global high-quality Products Company through 17 factory in the world and 52 sales offices in 44 countries.

·    Brother established the company in 1908 in Nagoya city in Japan and made-tech products in the fields of sewing machines and the writer and printers and scanners and label printing machines and printers, multi-function machines.

· And during a long business trip spanning more than a hundred years, Brother Company won numerous international awards in several areas.

·    It also works with 3318 employees around the world.

·    2013 estimated sales value of 616 billion yen, about $ 6.2 billion US dollars, and the company hopes to achieve higher than 750 billion yen in 2015 sales.

·  Under the slogan (at your service) put Brother company monument customer first in their eyes anywhere at any time as offering excellent service and value for all customers all over the world